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Our Teachers


Matty, the founder of City Yoga, has practised yoga for seventeen years and has been teaching since 2009. He teaches with a unique style, blending the dynamic flow of Astanga with the deeper practices of Sivananda and Sun Power yoga.

He believes that Yoga is for all, so whether a complete beginner or regularly practising yoga there will be something for each person. Patience and understanding of individual’s needs are at the heart of his teaching.

He was taught to be a sympathetic practitioner of this wonderful craft. His style is to be supportive and affirming so each person can develop at their own pace.

Above everything he loves yoga and passing on his skills and knowledge to those wanting to learn, discover and develop themselves.


Anna completed her yoga teacher training in Sun Power Yoga in 2015, after finding herself drawn to this unique style of practice. Anna is a great believer in the holistic benefits of yoga, and through her teaching aims to support emotional and mental wellbeing as well as all the benefits of a strong physical practice.

Her recent yoga training includes teaching yoga for PTSD, and outside of her yoga teaching she has worked extensively with those experiencing depression and anxiety. Anna sees yoga as an incredibly empowering practice, giving us many of the necessary tools to manage our lives away from the yoga mat, and allowing us to build both our inner and outer strength.


About Gayatri

I’ve been practising yoga since 2005. My first teacher was a very special person who showed me that yoga is there for everyone, no matter how old you might be or what kind of body shape or condition you might have. Later, I received further training from a teacher of the Bihar School of yoga while I lived in Kolkata, India. She taught me how yoga gives people happiness. I then did my formal training to become a yoga teacher at Shivananda Ashram in Kerala, India in 2011.

I’ve been in the UK since 2011 and have taught yoga in different places before coming to Birmingham in 2017.

I teach two types of yoga class:

Gentle Yin Yoga Classes: these focus more on being rather than doing, so one week, we stay in silent mode more and the following week we might discover meridians
Beginner Classes: we will focus on more basic asanas and understanding our body, mind and breath

I am also a newly qualified Yoga Therapist and can assist people in onetoone sessions in order to develop self-efficacy.


Cat has practiced yoga for over five years – first relying on classes for guidance, then taking it further with home practice. She dreamt of sharing her experience with others, and in 2016  spent six weeks in Europe training to be a yoga teacher. Although  trained in Hatha Yoga, she would have to say Vinyasa is her favourite style – both in teaching, and in personal practice.
“The thing I love about yoga is its adaptability – with the right guidance, yoga could benefit people of almost any age, size and fitness level, both physically and mentally”


Ten years ago Lis found herself craving something more than strength, endurance and adrenaline, and rediscovered her love for yoga. As well as freeing up her tightly wound muscles and allowing her to (finally!) touch her toes,  Yoga gave her the mental and emotional space and balance to stay grounded in a very busy and high pressured  environment.

Yoga has not made her a perfectly contented and flawless person – she still drinks too much caffeine, watches too many murder documentaries and is usually late – but it has made her  much happier and healthier. Despite all those murder documentaries.

“We practice not to make ourselves perfect, but to make ourselves whole”


Michela did her first 200 Hour Teacher Training with Yoga Somatic Movement in Bali in March 2018, when she spent a transformative and intense month deepening her practice and learning from amazing and incredible teachers.

Michela felt a strong need to find a place to ground and be still earlier in her life and she found this place in Yoga, where Michela can share and create space for others to come to and experience the magic of “Being”.

She teaches vinyasa flow classes that create space for you to explore your breath and body together through conscious movement; finding lightness, joy and ease in a challenging practice.